Friday, July 28, 2006
Conversions jurors and renowned collectors Heather and Tony Podesta share a smile with Judy Jashinsky.

Juror and venerable DC artist Sam Gilliam looking dapper with the equally stylish Clark of Moca.

Conversions artist Tai Hwa Goh enjoying the limelight in front of her work entitled Lull. The Intaglio process was applied to each hand-waxed piece, creating an ambiguous space where the abstract and figurative merge, and where the delicate markings belie an almost nightmarish logic.

What would the opening be without the hard work of gallery assistant Antonio Mcafee and volunteer Frank Higgins? Lisa Kellner's gorgeous work Oil Spill, made of yellow quilting pins on a portable wall is illuminated in the background.

Art & Embassies head and independent curator, Sarah Tanguy, takes a break from her busy schedule to enjoy the show.

Ding Ren, WPA\C Program Director, and Steve Frost, Corcoran Admissions Conselor, are all smiles in front of Tomas Rivas' piece.

Conversions artist Tomas Rivas enjoying a laugh with his viewers. His ongoing investigation of the representation of space addresses the complexity of art production today, where the "center" and the "periphery" vie for political clout within the mainstream.

Tony Podesta and Kim Ward, director of the WPA\C, discuss the finer points of Amy Glengary Yang's piece, Phosphor Box. Yang's inspiration for her "Phosphor" series comes from the recent resurgence in both alternative photographic processes and figurative drawing. Phosphor Box uses a human-scaled mirrored box to refract the lightbox glow in a way that multiplies and confuses the images, and supports an assemblage of totemic sculptural elements. Discuss away!

Ellipse Education Programmer Lisa Marie Thalhammer takes part in a lively conversation. Sadly, the opening must end, but not after first declaring it a smashing success with over 300 people in attendance!

Ellipse Arts Center is a 3,000 square foot visual arts facility managed by Arlington Cultural Affairs, Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resourses. Our mission is to provide a diverse schedule of high quality programs in the visual arts, providing opportunities for visual artists, as well as developing an engaged and appreciative audience.

Location: Arlington, VA
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