Friday, May 11, 2007
  Social Justice and Printmaking Workshop
Hand Pulled exhibiting artist Alex Huttinger lead APS middle school students in a workshop that taught the tradition of relief printmaking - an art form which has a rich history of social and advocacy application. Through this workshop, the students generated new ways of thinking and expressing themselves. They visited the Ellipse Arts Center and were given the opportunity to make a drawing themselves. Afterward they visited the Lee Arts Center, where they toured the printmaking studios and completed their prints.

Students visit the Ellipse Arts Center to view the Hand Pulled exhibition and discuss the works of art with Alex Huttinger.

Students are given a tour of the Lee Arts Center's professional printmaking studios.

Artists at work...

Global Warming and pollution were among the many topics the young artists could choose to illustrate. Jessica wrote, "If we don't do something to help the environment plants and animals will die and rivers will be dirty."

Novie Trump, Director of Lee Arts Center (left) and
Alex Huttinger, Founder and Director of the Social Justice and Printmaking Workshop (right) review the students' work at the end of the day.

Ellipse Arts Center is a 3,000 square foot visual arts facility managed by Arlington Cultural Affairs, Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resourses. Our mission is to provide a diverse schedule of high quality programs in the visual arts, providing opportunities for visual artists, as well as developing an engaged and appreciative audience.

Location: Arlington, VA
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