Thursday, January 22, 2009
  Crossing Glances, Regards Croisés; Arlington & Reims : Sister Cities
The evening of January 22, 2009 was opening night for the long-awaited exhibition Crossing Glances, Regards Croisés; Arlington & Reims : Sister Cities.

Exhibition book author Didier Rousselet writes, "two cities glance at each other, or rather each city invites one of its artists to serve as its eye on the other. A photographer comes from Reims to glance at Arlington; another comes from Arlington to do the same in Reims. And each of them returns home with his or her rich crop of photographs revealing overlooked features and hidden truths."

Artist John Babineau (right) speaks about his experience in Reims.

Artist Cécile Bethléem posing in front of her compilation of photographs, "Topology Fragment #15"

"Crossing Glances" author Didier Rousselet

Barbara Favola Chair of the Arlington County Board (left) and Norma Kaplan, Division Chief for Arlington Cultural Affairs (right).

Charles Daris, Head of Arlington Sister City Association (left) with ASL volunteer Sarah Ivory (right).

Anne Carpenter, Arts Management Specialist for Arlington Cultural Affairs (left) and Geoffrey Aldridge, Assistant Curator of Public Art for Arlington Cultural Affairs (right).

Please join us at the Ellipse for our upcoming events:

Copyright Basics for Professional Artists with John D. Mason of Washington Area Lawyers for the Arts on Thursday, February 5 from 7-9pm.

Book Signing and Discussion with Photographer John Babineau and Exhibition Book Author Didier Rousselet on Thursday, March 5 from 7-9pm.

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